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The Tubs Series

This long running, popular series (painted circa 2005-2011, and occasionally later) featured bathers, animals and objects in protective, womb-like antique tubs— surreal compositions contrived to express dream-like states of mind

"The Wonderer"
"The Sentinel"
"The Butterfly"
"Night in the Muralist's Studio"
"Flandrin's Macaw"
"Bad Medicine"
"The Grasshopper and the Mouse"
"The Crawl"
"October Bather"
"Sea Sponge"
"A Cellist Contemplates a Bust..."
"Spring, So Clean"
"The Chase"
"The Cat's Tale"
"The Ice Storm"
"The Controversy"
"The Frost"
"The Music Man"
"Swelter" (Self-Portrait)
"Harvest Moon"
"Bath of the Frog Prince"
"The Butterfly"
"The Last Bather"
"The Gray Bather"
"Bather in a Spotlight"
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