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Works on Paper

A selection of the artist's favorites over the years, in no particular order

Paintings | Drawings

"Self-Portrait à la Lichtenstein: I'd Rather Sink"
"Self-Portrait in Oz: The Tired and Rusty Artist"
"The Thinker"
"Oh, When I Grow Up (Self-Portrait as a Defenseless Paper Doll)"
"Self-Portrait à la Grant Wood: An American Painter"
"Self-Portrait Watching a Fight"
"04.26.2020: Isolation"
"05.27.2020: Oblivious"
"Self-Portrait, Tied Up in Time"
"Self-Portrait à la Manet: A Bar at the Folies-Bergère"
"Wrestling With Time (a Riff on Muybridge)";
"The Little Yellow House"
"The Rising"
"The Promise"
"The Chill"
"Fear and the Optimist"
"Dante And Virgil"
"Above it All"
"Waiting for God to Show Up"
"A Doodled Dream..."
"The Elevator"
"Election Night"
"Adam and Eve Worry about the Rules"
"Self-Portrait, Contained"
"State of the Artist, Summer 2016"
"The Boy with a Fear of Growing Up"
"It's 3:00 A.M..."
"The River"
"Which Way to Turn..."
"For You"
"The Screwdriver"
"The Open Window"
"The Obsession"
"Picasso and Modigliani..."
"The Mirror"
"The Boy Made of Wood, Lost"
"Easy Street"
"The Jester"
"The End in Sight"
"The Impossibility and the Fool"
"The Dozen"
"The Sentinel"
"Teaching a Deaf-Mute Child to Talk"
"Summer Flotsam"
"The Refugees"
"Spring Cleaning"
"Night Twister"
"New Year's Day"
"Four Dutchmen of Genius..."
"The Survivor"
"Good Artists Borrow, Great..."
"Fifteen Minutes of Fame"
"Falling Dream"
Embellished vintage Thurber pages
"El Greco Consents to Pose..."
"Better Luck Next Year"
Art Wars (Photography Exhibition)"
"American Daydream"
"Adam, Eve and the Big Apple"
"A Dancer for Samuel Barber"
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