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The Nude Self-Portraits

Circa 2004-2013

The artist presenting himself at his most open and vulnerable; a man telling stories in paint that are exceedingly, even painfully, personal — always aspiring to make the images, through the states of mind and being that they conjure, near-universally relatable

"Room of Obsessions"
"Treading Water, They're Coming"
"The Broken Lock"
"Night Secret"
"Even in the House of Miró, the Middle-Aged Artist Finds No Peace"
"The Fatal Flaw"
"Night Flight"
"It Always Rains"
"The Comeuppance"
"The Flood"
"Self-Portrait as a Ghost at a Childhood Home"
"Wait's Hotel"
"Believe it or Not (Self-Portrait with a Long-Ago Friend)"
"The Blue Boxer"
"The Flight of Reason"
"The Remembered Room"
"Philip Gladstone and the Magic Mirror"
"Funeral for a Friend"
"The Martyr's Game"
"The Boy in the Tree"
"The Seekers"
"The Promise"
"Morning Dew"
"Reader in the Mirror"
"Copper Moons"
"Two Selves"
"Night Winds"
"An Expressionist Painter Suffering a Crisis of Confidence"
"Lakeside Vigil"
"House on the Narrows"
"High Waters"
"The Flight of Reason"
"Evening Winds"
"Déjà Vu"
"Dove's Tail"
"Almost Home"
"And the Baby Became Me"
"The Artist's Bath"
"Self-Portrait as Defenseless Doll"
"The Deco Mirror"
"One Morning in Maine"
"Sea Sponge"
"Spring, So Clean"
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