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The Pictures Within Pictures (Museum) Series

Selected paintings from a long-running series of works that tell complex, multifaceted stories while referencing and paying homage to iconic works of art, artists and popular culture

"Mondrian’s Boogie-Woogie at the Museum of Misfit Men"
"Keith, Chaos and the Crown"
"In the Museum: A Delicate Balance"
"The Routing of the Poets"
“The Guard Reports an Attempted Escape From the Museum; Meanwhile..."
"Guarding Andy Wyeth"
"A Museum-Goer Suggests..."
"Just Smile"
"Three Fools"
"Night Watch"
"For Keith Haring, With Love..."
"Guarding Thomas"
"Musee Gladstone" (Self-portrait)
"Summer 1943, New York City..."
"Four Dutchmen of Genius..."
"The Thirst"
"The Secret"
"Get Lucky"
"The Cure-All"
"The Corner"
"Three Minutes and Counting"
"The Mix-Up"
"The Tangle"
"Eakins and His Students Raise Hell"
"The Puzzle (Homage to...)"
"The Catch"
"The Flower-Gatherer"
"Abandoning Roy"
"The Listener"
"The Boy Who Wouldn't be Good"
"Exit the Critic"
"Breakout (for Bridget Riley)"
"Nudes Ascending a Staircase"
"Crazy Love"
"La Famille"
"Awful Shy"
"I'd Rather Sink Than Call for Help"
"Icarus Again"
"American Wing"
"Art Wars (Photography Exhibition)"
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