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Recently Framed by the Artist

Please contact the studio to discuss your framing project

Indecision (Diptych)
"New Year's Day"
"Art Wars (A Parable in a Picture. for Keith Haring"
"Art Wars..." frame detail
"Keep Calm"
"End of the Line"
"The Angry Young Filmmaker"
"The Path to Anywhere, Fast"
"The Falling Fever Dream"
"The Key", 2021
"Blue Nude"
"The Super-Heroes"
"Hope Springs from the Divide"
"At the Ready"
"Night Sky of the Souls"
"After the Hurricane"
"Oh, No! I Dreamed I Met Picasso, and He Was Painting Betty White's Portrait", 2022
"Quietude", 2022
"Malaise", 2022
Uplift", 2022
"The Record Heat", 2022
"Turn", 2022
"The Blinding Torrent", 2021
"The Rising", 2021
"Uplift", 2022
"The Listeners", 2022
"The Stirring", 2022
"In the Museum: A Delicate Balance"
"The Navigator"
"Snapped", 2021
"Helping Hands"
Untitled Dancers, 2021
"Secrets", 2021
Untitled, 2021
"The Keeper of the Calm"
"Burning Hope (Out on the Tiles)", 2021
"The Approach"
"The Idea (Self-Portrait)", 2021
"The Artist Isolated"
"Tangled (for Samuel Barber)"
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