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Compositions on Vintage Newspaper

A brief series — sixteen works in all — from 2014, inspired by a bound library volume of vintage (1941) newspaper that had been discarded after being digitized; Gladstone cut selected advertisements, articles and images from the crumbling newsprint, carefully mounted them to wood panels and allowed them to suggest these imaginative, layered compositions

"The Song of the Empty Boat"
"Liar's Dance"
"Nobody's Fault by Mine"
"A Big O.K. From U.S.A. (Lost...)"
"The Good Samaritan"
"Evening in Containerville"
"The Boy Who Would be King"
"The Boy Without a Suit"
"Break Out Tonight"
"The Bad Idea"
"The Boy With a Fear of Loud Things"
"The Unlikely Tale of Tom, Dick.."
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