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 Philip Gladstone

is an artist best known for his story-telling, evocative — and sometimes provocative — tableaux featuring an ensemble cast of nude men.

Gladstone’s diverse body of work can be understood as an ongoing pursuit of a profoundly personal, allegorical exercise in self-portraiture — a collection of loosely related, colorful fables populated by figures the artist creates to stand in for himself, 'characters' invented to express a state of mind, to tease a multi-layered, subjective story, or to attempt to conjure a vision of a universally shared experience for the artist’s audience.


Born in Philadelphia, Gladstone now lives and works in the Maine Highlands, creating his pictures in a antique barn adjacent to his home that the artist renovated to serve as a studio. He launched his successful career as a fine artist in 2004, following a nearly twenty-year stint as the owner and operator of a retail shop and gallery. Passionately independent and fiercely private by nature, the artist’s original works and limited edition prints are available exclusively through this website, directly from the artist.


Letters from Collectors:

"... This drawing hit such a major chord with me that I gasped when I saw it. You conveyed something so true to my own experience, yet I don't think I would ever have conjured up a drawing that so accurately reflects [that]. You are unusually insightful—and you're very brave to go to places in your mind, or memory, that almost all people would be too terrified to go near. The more of your work I see, the more impressive you are, both as a painter and a person. I do consider the day I discovered your paintings to be a major blessing in my life ..." 

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