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for purchases from Philip Gladstone Studio are welcome and always thoughtfully considered; we're most likely to approve a request that splits the cost of your purchase into four or fewer equal monthly payments (with the first payment due when we've reached agreement), but other arrangements can sometimes be made — please tell us what would work for you, and we'll promptly let you know if that would work for us. We love and appreciate our collectors and will do what we can to make it happen!
Other financing options

Installment Payment Plan Requests

Terms: When you enter into an Installment Payment Plan with Philip Gladstone Studio, you agree that: Payment Plans cannot be cancelled • Payments will be made with any major credit/debit card via online invoice; initial payment due when Payment Plan is confirmed • Subsequent payment(s) will be invoiced every 30 days (or according to a different agreed upon schedule) and are due upon receipt; artwork will be shipped promptly once paid in full • If payments are not made according to the agreed upon schedule and/or contact cannot be made, entire purchase may be declared null and void; except at our sole discretion, any and all payments made are nonrefundable and nontransferable

Payment Plan Terms
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