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A selection of the artist's favorites over the years, in no particular order

Works on Paper | Drawings

"The Sleepers"
"The Young Artist Who Came of Age in the Nineteen-Eighties"
"A Bird in the Hand"
"An Artist's Model Dreams a Dream and Wonders What it Means"
"The Eight"
"The Dreamer (Feria de Sevilla)"
"Fearless (for Keith Haring)"
"The Curtain"
"The Boy Who Fell from the Moon, Dreaming"
"The Prince's Premonition"
"Night Conjurer"
"The Young Artist Vows to Resist"
"The Young Artist Vows to Resist"
"The Anxious Artist Attempts to Paint Himself out of a Crisis (Self-Portrait)"
"04.29.2020: The Descent"
"The Night the Boy Gave Up on People"
"Never Cry Moon"
"The Yankee"
"Starry Night"
"Fear, Love and the Resilience... "
"Night Drive with Superman"
"Mono No Aware"
"The Looking Glass"
"The Workman's New Clothes"
"The Rising"
"The Long Way Home"
"The Cry"
"Listening for Artist Down Below"
"Red, White and Blue: The Broken-Hearted Artist"5202_10221147436506960_6868274161093079127_n
"Outside, Inside, Upside-Down"
"Starry Night"
"The Jester's Luck"
"Behind the Gilded Wall"
"State of the Union"
"The Open Window"
"The Melodrama and the Last Flower"
"The Approach"
"The Super Heroes"
"Day Whispers Into Night"
"Summer 1943, New York City..."
"The Prodigal Son"
"Outside Inside: New Year's Day"
"The Illusion"
"Gust in the Photographer's Studio"
"The Great Escape"
"The Artist Who Should..."
"News from a Market Square..."
"The Empty Bottle"
"American Nocturne"
"Boy Who Won't Listen to Reason"
"Autumn Self-Portrait #7"
"A Reminder"
"Hot & Cold"
"Four Dutchmen of Genius..."
"Uncertainty" (Self-Portrait)
"The Thirst"
"The Secret"
"Get Lucky"
"The Cure-All"
"The Corner"
"The Butterfly"
"The Puzzle (Homage to...)"
"The Catch"
"Eakins' Students Worry..."
"The Magic Mirror"
"The Sentinel"
"The Legacy"
"Starry Night"
"The Path"
"Into the Light"
"The Controversy"
"A Budding Artist Learns..."
"The Last Bather"
"The Forgotten"
"The Bend"
"The Gray Bather"
"War and Peace"
"Waiting Out the Day" and...
"The Key" (Abraham Lincoln)
"Night Flight for Rosie"
"The Three Fools"
"The Flower-Gatherer"
"Abandoning Roy"
"The Listener"
"The Controversy"
"Bather in a Spotlight"
"The Boy Who Wouldn't be Good"
"Exit the Critic"
"Eakins and His Students Raise Hell"
"Breakout (for Bridget Riley)"
"Crazy Love"
"The Wave"
"Red, White and Blue..."
Untitled (smoking boys)
"La Famille"
"I'd Rather Sink Than Call for Help"
"Icarus Again"
"American Wing"
"The Artist's Rebirth"
"Two Brothers Against the World"
"Art Wars (Photography Exhibition)"
"For Keith Haring, With Love..."
"Lightning Strike"
"Nudes Ascending a Staircase"
"The Letter (Artist as Model)"
"Fallen Angel"
"February Winds"
"F, E, A & R (a Dance for Vincent)"
"Eakins Directs His Students"
"The Wanderer, Lost"
"Boy With Balloons"
"Bingo! (The Remembering Place)"
"A Fool and His Money"
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