The Pictures Within Pictures (Museum) Series

Selected paintings from a long-running (circa 2008-2013) series of works that tell complex, multifaceted stories while referencing and paying homage to iconic works of art, artists and popular culture

"A Museum-Goer Suggests..."
"Just Smile"
"Three Fools"
"Night Watch"
"For Keith Haring, With Love..."
"Guarding Thomas"
"Musee Gladstone" (Self-portrait)
"Summer 1943, New York City..."
"Four Dutchmen of Genius..."
"The Thirst"
"The Secret"
"Get Lucky"
"The Cure-All"
"The Corner"
"Three Minutes and Counting"
"The Mix-Up"
"The Tangle"
"Eakins and His Students Raise Hell"
"The Puzzle (Homage to...)"
"The Catch"
"The Flower-Gatherer"
"Abandoning Roy"
"The Listener"
"The Boy Who Wouldn't be Good"
"Exit the Critic"
"Breakout (for Bridget Riley)"
"Nudes Ascending a Staircase"
"Crazy Love"
"La Famille"
"Awful Shy"
"I'd Rather Sink Than Call for Help"
"Icarus Again"
"American Wing"
"Art Wars (Photography Exhibition)"

 Philip Gladstone is an American artist best known for his story-telling, evocative paintings featuring the male nude as subject, protagonist and muse

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"I'd Rather Sink Than Call for Help"

© Philip Gladstone Acrylic on canvas, 2011 (Sold, private collection)