Framed by the Artist

 Philip Gladstone owned a successful luxury brick-and-mortar framing store for many years, and draws upon that expertise and experience today to inventively frame his paintings, drawings and prints for his collectors at his studio in Maine upon request, always staying true to his vision for the work

Contact the studio if you'd like to have your Philip Gladstone Studio purchase framed; the artist will respond promptly with digital 'mockups' (see here) of suggested framing treatments for your approval, costs, and estimated turnaround times

"The Prince Who Delivered the Night"
"The Thinker"
"Tangled (for Samuel Barber)"
"Wings of Glass"
"The Artist Isolated"
"The Wheel" (after Lewis Hine)
Study after William Scott Tuke
"Night Conjurer"
"New Year's Day"
"The Imaginer (Goodbye 2020)"